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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

John W. Snow's visit to Poland

The press release here.

About John William Snow.

Among the questions Gustav will ask him:

1. Why the hell do you keep letting the dollar drop when you know damn well it's killing Polish exporters? We've got cheap goods that your/our country could benefit from, but you're too damn concerned with your bloody tax cuts. By the way, it's no secret that the dollar would be dropping through the floor if your good buddies the Chinese hadn't bought dollars by the truckload. What would you have done if they hadn't?

2. Poland is supposed to be the U.S.'s best friend in (continental, at least) Europe. This was the only country in Europe that favored Bush's reelection. You repay them with a roundtable discussion with the Hungarians, Czechs, and Slovaks? Their populations combined (approx 25 million) isn't even 2/3 Poland's (approx 38 million). A lot needs to be done to promote trade between Poland and the U.S., and you can't spare a one on one meeting for (Polish Treasury Minister) Jacek Socha?

3. Indeed, during your term, direct foreign investment from the U.S. has dropped, while the Polish economy has grown, and is growing at a 5.5% clip. What can we do to make sure Americans get a piece of this action? Could U.S. policy concerning Polish visas be a prohibitive hindrance for Polish businessmen?

4. So, you're from Toledo. You a Wings fan?


Blogger Andrew said...

In relation to #2, you should also ask him when Poland will join the Visa Waiver Program.

11/18/2004 02:10:00 AM  

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