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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Fire Carr


Tragedy at Radom Air Show

Two pilots have died in a horrific mid-air crash during a performance of Poland's famous "Żelazna" (Iron) acrobatic flying group. One of the victims was a founder of the group.

Radom Air Show link

Update: picture here

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Lions - 10 wins this season?

Playoffs too?

Yeah, right.

It turns out, their own players were delivering some of the worst blows. "There were knockdown, drag-out fights all the time last year," defensive tackle Cory Redding said. "There were cheap shots with guys getting leg-whipped and hit in the helmet."

Jeff Backus, who has endured each of the 72 losses since 2001, said last season's team-crumbling behaviour wasn't new.

"It's happened as long as I've been here," the offensive tackle said. "My first couple of years, there were lazy veterans that didn't want to be touched in practice. If you blocked them, they would try to get you back in a dirty way for the rest of that practice."

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