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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Sunday Vista Blogging II

EK for WS
Tatra Mountains, Zakopane

EK for WS
Morskie Oko, Tatra Mountains, Zakopane


Blogger Redneck Texan said...

I strongly recommend against this

8/22/2005 03:16:00 AM  

Blogger Andrew said...

Isn't there a park in Warsaw somewhere called Morskie Oko too ? Nice pics!

8/24/2005 05:30:00 PM  

Blogger Gustav said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

8/25/2005 06:48:00 PM  

Blogger Andrew said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

8/26/2005 05:50:00 AM  

Blogger mj said...

Gustav, thanks for a nice blog. I check in from time to time after finding the P3 blog.

This is sursly an old issue by now, I was just going through your Vistas, but Morskie Oko is in Mokotów close to the crossing between Belvederska and Gagarina. There's even a small pond with that name there.

8/30/2006 05:38:00 PM  

Blogger Gustav said...

Thanks MJ. I'm glad you like WS, and I hope you also enjoy P3

And you're right. Morskie Oko is the name of a Park in Warsaw exactly where you say. I found that out later because, in fact, I got married there. :)

8/30/2006 06:41:00 PM  

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