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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Cimoszewicz corruption watch

Cimoszewicz claims Jarucka lied over his wealth declaration backed by ABW

On Thursday the deputy head of the Sejm Orlen Commission, Roman Giertych announced that he has a sensational testimony of Anna Jarucka, a former assistant to Sejm Speaker and presidential candidate Włodzimierz Cimoszewicz. The assistant said that she deleted the sale of Orlen shares from Cimoszewicz's financial declaration on his demand. "A line has been crossed, where the case relates not only to me, but directly to the issue of rightfulness in our country," said Cimoszewicz, who added that he is astonished by the fact that he is being accused by a person he has helped several times in the past. The presidential candidate also appealed for the case to be investigated thoroughly and to check whether the fact that Jarucka's husband, who works for the Internal Security Agency (ABW), had any influence on the matter. The ABW also revealed that Jarucka was lying as the investigation proved that no declaration which included the sale of Orlen shares were found in her apartment. Moreover, Jarucka is currently accused of illegally accessing secret documents of the Interior Ministry.


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