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Friday, August 12, 2005

Lazy Friday

The beatings continue

Journalist joins the list of Poles brutally beaten in Moscow
"It was very similar to what happened to the embassy employees - a blow to the back of the head, I was thrown to the ground and then they kicked me," he told Polish state television.
President Kwasniewski calls on Putin to end violence against Poles in Moscow
Kwasniewski described the beatings as organised events, and insisted it was within the power of the Russian security and police services to put an end to such attacks.
Comment on the situation from the Khaleej Times

My people
"I find it unbelievable that people would break fellowship with brothers and sisters with whom we disagree, brothers and sisters with whom we're going to share eternity," Housholder said.


"I hope we can make some changes because we are now stifling the use of the very gifts we promised to the segment of the church that wishes to offer them to us to build up the body of Christ and the healing of the world," said the Rev. Scott Cady of the New England Synod. "That stifling, it seems to me, is not what we were called by Christ to do."
If you've ever known any Lutherans, you'd know that these are the kinds of things that they would say. I heartily believe that the proposals they're considering don't go far enough - but I'm so proud of how they're remaining united, and doing the best to find an acceptable solution to one of the most divisive issues in the church's history.

This is how Christ would have asked us to solve our disagreements.

See also: Tepid support from ELCA for same-sex relationships

Lutherans agree to unity on gay issues

Not good:
Exports stayed virtually flat in June as the trade deficit climbed to $58.81 billion, up from $55.42 billion in May, the Commerce Department reported. This was higher than the $57.2 billion that economists had expected. The trade deficit was up 17.9 percent in the first six months of the year from the comparable period in 2004.
Food prices will rise due to the drought too. Is the US in for a crash?

Related: Europe's economies unfazed by surging oil prices
Even the 12-nation euro zone, dogged by sluggish domestic demand and high unemployment, is showing signs of life despite the rising oil prices - helped in part by oil-producing countries that are spending more money on European goods.


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