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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

This could be huge


Surprise poll results show Tusk now in the lead for the Presidential Palace

According Rzeczpospolita's latest presidential poll, there are some major changes in the potential winner of the presidential election, which will take place in October. The leader of the ranking is surprisingly Donald Tusk, leader of the Civic Platform, with 24% of the public's support. Tusk ranked fifth with support of 9% in the previous poll in July. The second most probable candidate is Lech Kaczyński, with 22% support. He is followed by the previous leader of the race for the Presidential Palace, Włodzimierz Cimoszewicz, who would now receive only 21% of the votes, which marks a drop of 10%. Though Tusk's dominance is not major, it would be sufficient to win the second round of voting. He would beat Kaczyński with relation of votes 51% to 49% and Cimoszewicz with 60% to 40%. Cimoszewicz now stands vague chances of winning the elections, as if would face Kaczyński in the second round he would lose 43% to 57%.

Some are suspicious about this poll - Rzeczpospolita leans center-right.

Tusk is ecstatic. Campaigning - while not legally allowed yet - has begun recently, with all the billboards going from commercial to political here in the capital. Tusk's face is especially ubiquitous - it looks out from a billboard which says simply:

"President Tusk"

And the name of his party, Civic Platform (or Platforma Obywatelska - PO).

Maybe people are getting used to the idea.

Could Gustav have made his call too soon?


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