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Saturday, October 30, 2004

Why a Vote for Kerry Is a Vote for Strength


A while ago, Rob sent me a letter by a conservative named Matthew Manweller, that makes the case for Bush. The letter makes the argument that by voting for John Kerry, America will become weaker, and that it will reveal that weakness to its enemies.

One great response to the letter is in a column Thomas L. Freidman wrote on Thursday. Find it here.

In the column Freidman laments the loss of the political center in America, and asks what we can do to bring it back. One of the proposals he makes is to change American foreign policy. He claims that America is stronger when its leaders are respected in the world, and that this administration is not respected in the world.

I agree.

But in response to Mr. Manwell's letter, I would add that in my view, it is both brave and honorable for us work for change when our leader is leading us down the wrong path.

Especially in such scarry times it's natural to want to stick to your guns, to yearn for stability, to try to ride things out with the leader you've got.

But Bush, while having some successes, has acheived those successes despite a series of successive blunders that have plunged the U.S. into a weaker position than it had been and than it could have become before his administration.

That's why voting for change this November 2nd proves that Americans can still do big things. It proves that Americans are strong of character, strong of spirit, strong of mind, and that we know WE CAN DO BETTER.

And not just in the War in Iraq either. WE CAN DO BETTER in the The War On Terror, in the Economy, in Social Justice, and in Foreign Policy.

And voting for change this year will not proclaim to future Presidents that they can't make unpopular decisions. Presidents have paid the price for making unpopular decisions before, only for their successors to turn around and make unpopular decisions that changed America and the World for the better.

So I disagree that voting for Bush will show America's weakness. A win for neither man will "encourage" the terrorists. They're already encouraged enough by U.S. Foreign Policy and by radicalism in their homes. I don't care what the terrorists think, they're going to attack us at home and abroad no matter who's in the White House. Voting for change and getting on the right track in Iraq will not give the terrorists the advantage.

It will give US the advantage. It will put us on the right track.

Voting for change in turbulent times is a sign of confidence in our Democracy.
It's a sign of strength of conviction.

And that's really why this is the most important election of our lives (so far). But not only because it will determine the future of the United States and the future of the World, but because it will show the world if we really believe enough in our founding principles to change course in terrifying times to return to those principles.

Be damn proud of your vote for Kerry, and don't let anybody tell you different.

Keep the faith.


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