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Monday, November 08, 2004

Starting Over

In order to reflect the new circumstances, Warsaw Station has made some superficial changes. The purpose remains the same: Heated political discussion with a decidedly liberal bias.

The situation is clear. We-- as Democrats, or liberals, or progressives, or even left of center moderates-- have to begin again.

To begin again, we need to know what we really stand for.

When we clarify what we stand for, we can clarify our message.

When we clarify our message, we can win.


What does it mean to be a progressive? What are our core beliefs?

I have my own ideas. But I'm interested in hearing from you.

Warsaw Station Abides.


Blogger Andrew said...

Like many others, I responded to the election with anger and disbelief, but now that I have calmed down I have reached somewhat of a different conclusion than you. My core beleifs: 1)The US is a country in the world, in no way innatley superior to any other, and should be a considerate member of the world community. 2)The top priority of our country should be to insure equality for all. This includes gays, Muslims, immigrants, etc. We should do all we can to help people who need help and accept those differant from us.
It seems that they (51% of the country or so) do not share these beleifs- they may be reasonable and educated people, they just see things differently. Maybe they are selfish, or maybe they perceive the mechanics of equality in a vastly different way.

These people are all around me, sitting at desks next to me now for example. These people are my friends and my coworkers. I think our view is clear and their view is clear, and now, they outnumber us to some extent. What can we do? Reorganize, yes, stand up, yes. But now with the election over there is not really so much we can do, and I will return to what is normal and productive for me, and spend time on things OTHER than reading about and discussing politics. I will read good books, play with my stocks, hit a tennis ball around, and live my life the best I can without regards to people's political beliefs, skewed or not.

And if this country leads itself into a unbearable pit of war, depression, and depravity I will leave the country. You Gus, and I, are lucky to have that option.

11/08/2004 10:11:00 PM  

Blogger wafflestomper said...

When we clarify our message, we can win.-

if only you could have given kerry that advice a year ago. here, i think dean would have made a better candidate, not because of his politics, but because he presented a clear alternative. the direction of the country would have been determined by the winner of the vote. the informed voter should have a more clear understanding of where the candidate stands than kerry offered. the only things that i was certain that kerry would do was roll back tax cuts for some, ask france and germany to fight a war that they want no part of, and increase federal funding for stem cell research. he vacillated on everything else to such an extent that i had no clue where his convictions lay.

kerry ran his campaign as if he wanted a congressional seat- he would be a representative of the people. he'd do what the people wanted him to do. bush ran his campaign to be the leader. the choice on election day should have been between two leaders with different directions that they wanted to see the country go - not between one leader with a vision and one that is responsive to polls, too afraid to state his mind because it might alienate some fraction of the population.

11/08/2004 10:14:00 PM  

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