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Thursday, November 11, 2004

In Case You Didn't Know

Happy Veteran's Day, U.S.A.

Happy Independence Day, Poland.


Blogger Redneck Texan said...

You page "Looks right" now.

Did you tweak someting?

11/14/2004 05:13:00 AM  

Blogger Gustav said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

11/14/2004 11:09:00 AM  

Blogger Gustav said...

Cool. Yeah, I tweaked the width of the page-- down to 800 pixels. I'm not so sure about the post width-- it's a little thin for me, but I'm glad it's working on your monitor.

Expect further tweaking.

11/14/2004 11:11:00 AM  

Blogger Redneck Texan said...

Well, now its back to the way it was before.

I agree, your center content was squeezed.

I think most 3 column blogs need to wider than 800. But they open where 800 readers have to scroll over manually to recenter. I dont know why but Blogger blogs seem to naturally try to stack everything on top of each other, rather than allowing scrolling over.

I limit everything in my "right content" to 200 pixels, and limit my "center content" to 600. Sometimes after I post at work, I get home to discover all my right content stuff has been shifted to the bottom. Usually due to Center graphics being too big.

11/15/2004 01:25:00 AM  

Blogger Gustav said...

Well, hell.

Yeah, as soon as I realized this thing was able to go out to 1000 pixels, I started spreading it out. It didn't even cross my mind that it might be too wide for some folks. I'll keep working on it.

I consider it a constant work in progress.

I hope y'all dig the fixed background. Hat tip to Rob over at eFlux.

11/15/2004 09:07:00 PM  

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