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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Mr Sour

kwaśny (kfash-nih) adj-- sour

Our man Mr Kwaśniewski (all together now--"kfash-NYEV-ski") is getting an awful lot of press lately.

President Bush:

"I informed the prime minister that i had talked this morning to President Kwasniewski of Poland. President Kwasniewski will again lead a delegation which will include a representative of the European Union to the Ukraine to encourage the parties to reject violence and to urge the parties to engage in dialogue toward a political and legal solution to the current crisis. Our common goal is to see the will of the Ukrainian people prevail. The prime minister and I want to thank President Kwasniewski for his efforts, and we wish him all the success."

That's it, Kwaśniewski's plan has been annointed. According to Polish press (Gazeta Wyborcza- Polish article), it's even a five point plan. The report claims that only two points so far are known: First, a pledge from both sides to refrain from violence. Second, to commit to dialog.

But now we know the third:

--WARSAW, Nov 30 (AFP) - Polish President Alexander Kwasniewski on Tuesday called for a new presidential runoff in Ukraine "as soon as possible" if the Ukrainian Supreme Court determines that the recent disputed vote was rigged.--

The right move, I judge. Sounds to me like a call to the Ukrainian Supreme Court to expedite matters and come to a verdict (that the election was indeed rigged), so that negotiations can quickly move on to settling the terms of these new elections. A verdict the other way could lead to dangerous consequences, so I hope the Court follows Kwaśniewski's advice. The longer the protesters on the streets of Kiev (or if you prefer, Kyiv) are left dangling in political limbo, the greater the chances for violence.

Yanukovych is losing traction by the day-- Kuchma's support for fresh elections has put him at an extreme disadvantage. He has offered to make Yushchenko Prime Minister if he becomes President (Yushchenko brushed it off), and has also suggested that if a new vote is held, neither man run, and new candidates be chosen.

He knows he's done for. Yushchenko smells blood. Don't expect him to make any public concessions anytime soon.

Enter Kwaśniewski. He has knowledge of the region, he has Bush's support, and he's known very well by all of the EU's leaders.

--Kwasniweski said his initiative had the support of US President George W. Bush, German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder and Dutch Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende, whose country holds the rotating presidency of the European Union.--

With these relationships, he's managed to push Wałęsa (Va-WEN-sah) out of the picture, and could, depending on the outcome of this crisis, finally achieve his dream of outshining him.

This is Mr Sour's time to shine.
He has the support, the consensus, and the momentum.

And it's probably the most important moment of his presidency.

Let's also note that Poland is finally on the path to playing it's proper role in world politics. Clearly, this nation has carved out a place of real significance in the EU, in the Coalition of the Willing, and in NATO. Poland is not only one of the forces pulling US and EU foreign policy closer together, but it is now the go-to guy on Central and Eastern European diplomacy. A fitting role, and none too dishonorable.

Ukraine latest:

--Threats to Ukraine's unity, meanwhile, seemed to dissipate after the eastern Donetsk region said it would not hold its referendum on self-rule as planned Sunday amid sharp criticism from lawmakers and potential legal action to protect the nation's territorial integrity. The Kharkiv regional legislature also retracted its threat to introduce self-rule.--

Thank God.

And in grammar news. . .

"I fully understand the cattle business. I understand the pressures placed upon Canadian ranchers," he said. But he noted, "There's a bureaucracy involved. I readily concede we've got one."

That's right, bureaucracy is now officially a countable noun. Take notes, it'll be on the test.


Blogger wafflestomper said...

can we use our notes for the test?

i've always said the happinesses of individual people are established through plurals. so you can't really blame a guy for wanting to do things like - count the democracies in the u.n. i think when its my turn to make the rules, i'm going to say that if we can pluralize it, we can count it. that way, if i were to say "the two predominant bureaucracies in the united states are corporate and government", i wouldn't be made fun of. they'll only have my stranded prepositions to mock then. ;-)

12/01/2004 05:15:00 PM  

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