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Monday, March 14, 2005

Another broken promise?

Poland A.M.:

US budget bungling means funds for Polish arms have not been set aside

The U.S. draft budget for 2006 does not encompass USD 100 million aid President George Bush promised to the Polish army. It is said that the reason behind this is that the US Department of State failed to fully inform the budget commission about setting up the so-called solidarity fund, which would have had about USD 400 million at its disposal to grant financial aid to the armies of less wealthy countries taking part in the stabilizing mission in Iraq. US authorities explained they were not able to include the solidarity fund in the draft budget because the motion they received was too
general. Among one of the problems was its lack of information on how the funds would be distributed to specific countries. The White House is to complete the motion and submit it to the Senate, which is the next authority.

George and Condi -- Do they just promise whatever they want and then renege on it later?

Bend over Poland. Got somethin' for ya.


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