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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Blogger problems

Seems Blogger is having some problems today, at least on my side. Namely, I'm having trouble opening the comment box (more comment problems...).

Fortunately I can read them via email too, so I've read them, all great.

Seems to me we mostly agree on the censorship issue. DC made the point that we put arbitrary standards on everything, and I agree -- perhaps I can stand movie ratings, and restricting when some content can be broadcast -- but wonder if we shouldn't let the market determine those standards. Before everyone starts yelling about reality tv 24 hours a day, consider the increasing popularity of educational channels such as National Geographic and Discovery. There's also public television -- which I'm a big fan of -- to promote a society's standards.

If you don't like what's on TV, TURN IT OFF. Get rid of your cable. The answer is not to ban it or 'regulate' it, which I am against, the answer is to not partake. Same with movies, clothes, and TV personalities. If you object to what a 'star' thinks, don't support them so that they are an icon with a platform to be able to do that.

Let it never be said that we can't agree dc.

As for blogging fatigue -- it's an easy bug to catch. I already spend most of my day in front of a computer at work. Doing it at home drives my friends and loved ones nuts. Coming up with new content is also an evil task if you're trying to do it every day, which is why I don't. For now I've tried to give a mix of my own content with articles or bits of news of interest, but rarely is there a week that goes by with a post every day. That's how I plan WS to stay, except perhaps during US or Polish election seasons. However, now that I've got my template more or less how I like it, I do plan to reduce the unoriginal content and increase the original. Still, if you're checking WS every day for a new post, you might be disappointed.

Posts at Redneck's Revenge might be even rarer -- when posting on someone else's blog it's important to make sure you've got really good material. And in my case, I better be damn well prepared.


Anonymous Tim said...

Good Job! :)

8/15/2008 10:26:00 AM  

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