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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

A battle won

Supreme Court Bars Death Penalty for Juvenile Killers
New York Times:

The Supreme Court ruled today, in one of the most closely watched capital punishment cases in years, that imposing the death penalty on convicted murderers who were younger than 18 at the time of their crimes is unconstitutional.

The 5-to-4 decision, arising from a Missouri case, holds that executing young killers violates "the evolving standards of decency that mark the progress of a maturing society," and that American society has come to regard juveniles as less culpable than adult criminals.

The ruling, which acknowledged "the overwhelming weight of international opinion against the juvenile death penalty," erases the death sentences imposed on 72 defendants in 12 states who were juveniles at the time they killed. Although 19 states nominally permit the execution of juvenile murderers, only Texas, Virginia and Oklahoma have executed any in the past decade.

Yet another case of maniacal activist judges overruling the public's desires(bloodlust).


Blogger David Charginghawk said...

Yet another case of maniacal activist judges overruling the public's desires.Yup.

Is it really 'bloodlust', Gus, to expect someone to be held responsible for a heinous crime? Really? Hyperbole alert. John Malvo is responsible for the death of at least one individual and possibly more. He's seventeen. What is going to change between now and when he turns eighteen?


3/09/2005 07:38:00 PM  

Anonymous Garry Talbert said...

Stop blogging right now!

12/16/2005 06:57:00 PM  

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