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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Polish PM seeks early elections

The BBC reports:

Poland's Prime Minister Marek Belka has urged parliament to dissolve itself on 5 May to allow for early elections.

Mr Belka, who has led a caretaker coalition since last May, made the plea during a debate on an opposition motion for him to step down.

The vote is at 4pm CET.

Mr Belka is expected to announce whether he will accept an invitation to leave the SLD and join a centrist party formed on Sunday.

The new grouping, called the Democratic Party, would campaign strongly for a vote in favour of the proposed European Union constitution in a referendum later this year.

But analysts say Mr Belka may not make up his mind until his close ally, President Alexander Kwasniewski, who stands down in October, decides his own political future.

Like rats on a sinking ship.


Blogger Gustav said...

The motion was not held to a vote. Belka says he will insist on dissolution of the parliament on May 5, and elections by mid-June. During the debate, Belka said that it was time for the "political drama" to end. He told the opposition to "get to work" and that they were "on another planet."

3/03/2005 07:49:00 PM  

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