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Thursday, December 09, 2004

Bull Moose on Rummy, part II

Another excellent quote from Bull Moose:

Of course, the truth is that it was the President that determined the timing of this war. If there wasn't enough equipment before the war, the President could have delayed the start at the recommendation of his Secretary of Defense. It is not as if we were facing a Pearl Harbor situation. And if we are truly at war, why doesn't the President take extraordinary measures as FDR did during the second world war and force the manufacturers to turn out the necessary vehicles to ensure our troops' safety?

Oh no, Mr. Moose. Don't you see it's international organizations like the UN, and the terrible opposition of the EU that has prevented our troops from getting the proper equipment? If these lilly-livered peaceniks handn't opposed the war, none of these problems would have ever taken place!

If you haven't taken a look at Bull Moose yet, I suggest you do. All regular Warsaw-Stationers should have taken a look at Talking Points Memo by now, as well as Andrew Sullivan and Redneck's Revenge.


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