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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Keep pretending this isn't happening


ZPB's Borys makes a stand against more harassment from Belarus police

Authorities in Belarus are continuing to oppress the leaders of the independent Association of Poles (ZPB). On Monday police forced their way into the house of Andżelika Borys, president of the ZPB, who is repudiated by Belarus government. "They asked me who of my friends beat up and robbed near my house Michał Dworczyk, an activist of the committee of Solidarity with Belarus who came from Poland. They also asked whether he had some illegal, stolen materials in his backpack. I shouted at them and said to stop making a fool of me, as they were the ones behind the assault. I told them to leave the flat," said Borys. In her opinion this was a warning and a show of power. Borys and her supporters did not accept the results of Saturday's meeting of the ZPB, which gave power to people connected with Aleksander Łukaszenko. The Polish Foreign Affairs Ministry also dismissed the results, as they were achieved by violating democratic rules.


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