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Friday, December 31, 2004

It was only a matter of time

As anyone could have expected, the Bush foreign policy is now producing a noticeably negative effect on the US economy, according to an article by Jim Lobe. While Bush had hoped his (denail of his) weak dollar policy (the dollar is now worth less than 3 złoty) would stem the ballooning trade deficit, cheap American products seem not to be enticing Europeans and Canadians.

Some choice excerpts:
Twenty percent of respondents in Europe and Canada said they consciously avoided buying U.S. products as a protest against those policies. That finding was consistent with a similar poll carried out by GMI three weeks after Bush's November election victory. . .

Half of the entire sample said they distrusted U.S. companies, at least in part because of the U.S. foreign policy. Seventy-nine percent said they distrusted the U.S. government for the same reason, while 39 percent said they distrusted the American public.

We have officially lost the world's trust, and it will not only cost us our physical security, but also our economic security. Thank you, red America.


Blogger wafflestomper said...

how different do you think the responses from red america would be to those questions? comparing red to blue, i'll bet less red americans trust the government. i'll bet that we even give the foreigners a run for their money on that one.

so 20% won't buy american products because of policy? i think that means 0.5% of the foreign population acts on principle and the other 19.5% wouldn't have bought american products 5 years ago either - they just got an excuse now. i liken this to how red america chose "values" for their reason for how they voted.

Half of the entire sample said they distrusted U.S. companies, at least in part because of the U.S. foreign policy._

what the hell do you suppose that means? i once met a gal that boycotted potatoes because the state of idaho passed legislation that either was for or against abortion in some way. whichever it was, i decided to be pro-potato because i thought the gal was certifiable and i didn't want to be like her.

all these questions were on the montanan's residency exam and what it tells me is that there are a lot of people out there twitchy enough to be montanan. i didn't click the link to the article, but what does he say about the black helicopters? (i don't think we should trust them. airplane contrails either.)

1/03/2005 06:40:00 PM  

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