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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

There's No Place Like Home

The Lone Star Iconoclast, the newspaper in Bush's hometown of Crawford, TX, has endorsed Kerry-Edwards. Here's the link to the endorsement. If you want to see a concise list of the ways America is worse off after 4 years of the Bush presidency, just read the first paragraph. Can we afford 4 more years?

Today's Electoral-Vote.com shows Kerry making a comeback. We can't trust any numbers from Florida, because the difference is so small, we don't know how hurricanes will effect voting, and the electons standards there are a complete debacle anyway. But Pennsylvania (21 EV's) is back in Kerry country, and Ohio (20) is back in play. Iowa (7) seems to be coming back to its senses, it's doubtful New Mexico (5) and Maine (4) will turn on us. Minnesota (10) and Maryland (12) will almost certainly go for Kerry, and I still believe there's an upset brewing in libertarian-minded Colorado (9). Even if Kerry doesn't win the state, there's a distinct possibility that he'll get 4 E.V.'s as a result of the referendum. I don't believe it will be as close as shown in Washington (11), and we have an excellent chance to snag a 2000 Bush state in New Hampshire (4).

In disturbing Bush-vote-tampering news: There is a delay in sending out some absentee ballots from some states (including Michigan). Take a look at today's New York Times article. I am personally and directly affected by this. I haven't gotten my ballot yet, and 2 years ago it came a over month before election day-- there's still time, but this news makes me nervous. If my vote isn't counted, there will be hell to pay! Question: Why is online absentee voting registration going through the Pentagon?? Would you trust Donald "Well, if we can't have elections in some parts of the country, tough, that's life" Rumsfeld with your voter-registration application? I also just love the bit about a new website making absentee ballots instantly available to members of the military (overwhelmingly Republican) but not to the rest of us expats (overwhelmingly Democratic).

What have you done to my beloved Democracy, Dubya? Cheater.

P.S. Check out this excellent cartoon. Especially for those of you who think that Bush's Cowboy Diplomacy makes America safer.


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