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Friday, August 05, 2005

Talking points

*Belarus crisis latest:

Journalist Pisalnik gets 10 days in jail

Pisalnik goes on hunger strike

Ethnic Poles leader in Belarus is warned

Ukraine criticizes Belarus

Polish President holds consultations on Belarus with leaders of Germany, Lithuania and Ukraine

*A Russian rescue submarine needs rescuing

-Conflicting reports again. Again we don't know in exactly how bad a shape they are. After the Kursk, who in their right mind would get in a Russian submarine?

* Good news for the US:

Jobs growth unexpectedly strong in July

*Yahoo Tests Search for Audio Files

-Of course, no free files... just the pay sites. Cool nevertheless.

*Intelligent Design pushed by anti-science exremists

The Morning Sun says Bush is confusing apples and oranges.

*Pentagon says pace of attacks declining in Iraq

-It's getting so that the Bush administration sounds like former Iraqi Minister of Information, Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf

*NOAA Adds Five Major Hurricanes to 2005 Atlantic Forecast

- ugh.

*CNN Suspends Novak for 'Inexcusable' Outburst

- Oh this is too rich:
On Thursday, Novak was debating longtime Democratic strategist James Carville about the political viability of Rep. Katherine Harris (R-Fla.), given her role in the 2000 Florida vote recount.

At one point, Carville teased Novak. "He's got to show these right-wingers that he's got a backbone, you know," Carville said of Novak. "It's why the Wall Street Journal editorial page is watching you. Show them that you're tough."

Novak replied: "Well, I think that's [expletive]. And I hate that. Just let it go." The profanity was clearly audible.

The syndicated columnist, who has served as a contributor to CNN for 15 years and formerly co-anchored the debate program "Crossfire," appeared ready to continue the discussion. But after another moment he rose from his chair, removed his microphone and walked off the set.

*As a Wings fan, this is scary:

Forsberg in Philly

*Poland Calls Baltic Gas Pipeline Russian-German Conspiracy

By the way, it's not "Poland", but Jan Rokita, who may or may not be the future Prime Minister. Mosnews often takes such liberties. Here are a few other gems from the article:
Warsaw, along with Baltic states, has suggested an Amber pipeline that will go through the territories of Latvia, Lithuania and Poland. Polish experts say that such a pipeline would be much cheaper than the Baltic one.
It's not only Polish experts, but the IEA, too. I've read a lot on this topic, but I can't find the link at the moment, sorry.
On the other hand Russia has no interest in other routes because it wants to become independent from transit states, especially if they are quite unfriendly like Poland.
Lemme get this straight. Russia wants to become independent from the transit (read: Baltic) states? That's a laugh. These coutries are totally dependent on Russia for gas. That they can exert some pressure because of their transit-country status merely evens the playing field out - a bit.

Unfriendly like Poland eh? And I suppose Russia has been an ideal neighbor? What was that about not acknowledging the Katyn massacre as genocide? What was that about not allowing Polish dairy exports to come into Russia? Can you say random oil- and gas-flow disruption?


Blogger Gustav said...

Belarus: Radio Polonia:

Polish TV to offer more programs to Belarusian viewers

Polish State Television will raise the number of its programmes devoted to Belarus, which are available to viewers in that country. Head of TVP Jan Dworak has informed that increasing the reach of Polish TV in Belarus is impossible without a prior consent of the local authorities, yet the channels currently accessible to viewers in Belarus will broadcast more news programmes providing unbiased information on the situation in this eastern neighbour of Poland.

Participants of a pro-Polish demonstration in Minsk detained by the police

5 members of the Belarusian opposition demonstrating their support for the persecuted Poles in front of the Polish embassy in Minsk have been detained. Their gathering coincided with an anti-Polish protest of a pro-government youth organisation. [The] Peaceful [demonstration] of both sides’ views was interrupted by the police.

8/05/2005 04:34:00 PM  

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