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Monday, August 22, 2005

Presidential polls latest

Tusk on top!

What candidate would you support in the presidential election?

Donald Tusk (PO) 21%

Lech Kaczynski (PiS) 21%

Andrzej Lepper (SO) 17%

Wlodzimierz Cimoszewicz (SLD) 16%

Maciej Giertych (LPR) 7%

Zbigniew Religa (C) 6%

Marek Borowski (SDP) 5%

Jaroslaw Kalinowski (PSL) 4%

Source: PGB
Methodology: Interviews to 1,061 Polish adults, conducted from Aug. 12 to Aug. 15, 2005. Margin of error is 3 per cent.

First, an apology to my readers. As an overenthusiastic blogger, I made an endorsement too early. I endorsed Cimoszeweicz.

If, in the end, the runnoff comes between Kaczynski and Cimoszewicz, WS still endorses Cimoszewicz. However, if it comes between either of these two and Tusk, WS would much prefer Tusk.

Righties, please take note. Tusk is center right. I hope you will remember this among my moderate criteria.

Tusk is a free marketeer, as well as a social liberal. His party and his party's leader (Jan Rokita) can be conservative when it comes to gay rights, but there was not necessarily any reason to believe anything would happen on this front with Cimoszewicz in power. Warsaw is ready for gay rights. The rest of the country is not.

Yes, I believe Poland needs a change from the SLD, but I am not prepared to accept change in Kaczynski's direction. Let me enumerate some major policy differences between the three, to show you why I endorse whom I do.

Taxes - For lower, but still progressive taxes.

State-owned industry - Would simplify government ownership of, but not completely privatize, all state-owned companies.

European Union - for participation, but leans a bit more to the skeptical side. Does not favor entering the Euro zone as soon as possible.

Health System Crisis - I've heard nothing.


Taxes - Has not made a lot of noise on taxes, but would probably favor lowering, but still progressive.

State-owned industry - Would continue current privatization process, with no major changes.

European Union - Pro EU, favors entering the Euro zone as soon as possible

Health System Crisis - I've heard nothing.


Taxes - For a flat, 14% tax. Chances that PO will be able to push this through are slim however.

State-owned industry - Favors complete privatization of all state-owned companies.

European Union - Pro EU, favors entering the Euro zone as soon as possible.

Health System Crisis - I've heard nothing.

-As you can see, none of these candidates are perfect. No candidate has yet to address what to do with the country's crumbling health-care service. On the other hand, all top three are for tax easing and simplification, which is good. Tusk beats Cimoszewicz because he is younger, and new blood, because he believes in using business as the engine for the Polish economy, and because he understands that making taxes lower will give Poland a significant economic advantage against other EU members.


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