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Monday, August 22, 2005

Immigrants changing British culture

Radio Polonia
Britain's first ever commercial billboard campaign entirely in a foreign language has been launched ... in Polish. To meet the needs of thousands of Poles who arrived in Great Britain after EU enlargement in May last year, a money transfer agency is advertising its services in Polish.

Great Britain, together with Ireland and Sweden are the only old EU members who opened their labour markets to the citizens of new EU member states from the first day after enlargement. Even though thousands of Poles have arrived in the British Isles ever since, the much feared mass flow of workers did not happen. On the contrary, every now and then various British companies place job offers directed to Polish citizens. To help those already employed there, money transfer company Western Union has launched a campaign in Polish offering its services of sending money earned in Britain to the family in Poland. This is the first billboard campaign in Britain in a foreign language.

While it is difficult to state precisely how many Polish citizens are now residing in Great Britain, it is estimated that Poles constitute half of all new comers who settled there after May 1st 2004. As Bartek Stencel of Western Union admits in these circumstances there has been a growing demand for money transferring services to Poland. For the time being, 200 posters are plastered on the London hoardings and bus shelters, understandable only to Poles.

How dare these immigrants, lounging about and living off of British taxes, demand special treatment?! Next they'll be teaching Polish in school and bringing their cultural baggage - no liberum veto in Britain! Take your pierogi back home!


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