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Sunday, July 24, 2005

A hilarious sentence

Wired News:

The industry group revoked the game's M rating, which labeled it appropriate for players 17 or older, and re-filed it under AO for 'adults only' -- raising the minimum age to 18, the year at which a delicate teen becomes less susceptible to the harmful influence of computer-generated cartoon sex.

-- And we all know about the harmful effects of computer-generated cartoon sex.

I heard it causes cancer...

This is coming as a result of all this Grand Theft Auto nonsense.

When will parents take responsibility for raising their kids, and stop blaming content makers who want to help the rest of us have a little bit of sneaky fun? Would you please have a look at what your child is playing on his Playstation and would you please have a discussion with him about it, if you find anything offensive or inappropriate?

The rest of us would like to get on with our lives.

And yes, I do know that Hillary has come out against it, and I completely disagree with her.

But that won't stop me from voting for her in 2008, if I have to choose between her and some reactionary Bible-beater.


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