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Saturday, July 23, 2005

We are now so scared...

... that every runaway suspect is in danger of his head being dashed like a jack-o-lantern on Devil's Night.

Doesn't this mean the terrorists are winning?


Blogger Redneck Texan said...

What do you think about this?

7/23/2005 11:00:00 PM  

Blogger Gustav said...

In short:

I like the shootout rule. Hockey is constantly criticized for its ties.

I'm lukewarm on the line changes. I'm glad they got rid of the red line in offsides, but i'm worries about the tagging nonsense. If it really increases offense, fine, but I believe that one of hockey's main obstacles to attracting fans was the offside rule, which seems complicated to novices. Offsides rules should be made simpler, not more complicated.

I don't mind the reduction in the goalie's padding - although goalie play is one of my favorite aspects of the game. I'm interested to see if this makes goaltending more or less exciting to watch. What if it becomes too easy to score?

I also dislike the lines within which the goalie can play the puck. Puck-handling goalies make the game more exciting.

I love the icing rules. Thumbs up to those.

Penalizing fighting in the last five minutes. Interesting...

What's your take?

7/24/2005 12:59:00 AM  

Blogger Redneck Texan said...

Love the shootout after 5 minute overtime. It does not say a 4 on 4 overtime, but I assume it is. It think both teams should get a point if the overtime ends, and the shootout should be for the other point...I don't think thats the way its going to be though. Obviously I assume playoff games will remain full sudden death periods.

I like ignoring the red line, and moving blues to enlarge defense zone.

I am cool with the reduction of the goalie equipment, but I thing the trapezoid box is bullshit. Fining the trainer for equipment violations seems kinda unfair. I am with you on the goalie should be able to play the puck. Thats what Marty Turco is good at, and that feeds a lot of our offensive breakaways. I would be OK with a zone around the net that if the Goalie gets outside of you can knock the shit out him without a penalty though. You notice the new competition committee with players, GM, and and owner has no goalie on the committee.

A team that ices the puck can't make a line change before the ensuing faceoff. Thats seems overly cruel if its in effect fr a defensive team during a power play.

A player who instigates a fight in the final five minutes of a game will receive a game misconduct and an automatic one-game suspension. The length of suspension would double for each additional incident. The player's coach will be fined $10,000, a penalty that would double for each recurrence. Now I think that is total bullshit. As you might have guessed the thing I have always liked about Hockey is the gladiatorial aspects of the game. Thats the time, when victory has been decided, that all the bad deeds get repaid, and the reason most people stick around until the last seconds tick off in a blowout. I don't want to see the league have a rule that the pretty boys are untouchable. I love a hard checking game.

Any player who shoots the puck directly over the glass in his defending zone will be penalized for delay of game. I don't like that either.

Overall though I like the changes, and we pretty much agree on them. I am just ready for some freakin hockey man. The whole salary cap thing is designed to hurt teams like Detroit and Dallas, but on the other hand I am getting tired of seeing our collection of high priced "stars" getting their ass whipped in the first round. Look at the the recent low budget Stanley Cup champions, playing as a team and quality coaching will and should decide who wins.

Do you get to watch many Wings games in Poland?

7/24/2005 04:21:00 AM  

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