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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

I've never seen a bigger pile of crap

... than what this website says about the Polish election.

The Polish right's win says absolutely nothing about Polish sentiment towards America - except possibly that Poles would like more in return for their fidelity. If anything, these rightist parties have criticized the current government (leftists all, who wouldn't think for a second about allowing relations with the US to worsen) for not getting enough in return for Poland's participation in the Iraq war. In particular, expect to hear the words "Visa Waiver Program" from both parties in the near future. A lot.

Lukasz Pawlowski, chief media spokesman for Civic Platform, said Poland would start to demand more in return, including a less restrictive visa policy.

The right's victory is not a vindication of Bush, it is a manifestation of many very complicated political factors, one of the very minor ones being Bush foreign policy.

Neither does it have anything to do with Germany's stance on the Iraq war.

You mean, the right-wing party that garnered more votes is skeptical of the Germans--the country within the EU that most vehemently opposed the Iraq war for ideological reasons?

Let me tell you something: EVERYBODY in Poland is skeptical of the Germans, including the left - in case you forgot, there are historical reasons for this. It doesn't help though that Germany recently signed a pipeline deal with Russia that bypasses Poland.

Some on the right would like to take every world event, and ascribe it some cause in the microcosm of political America. It doesn't work that way. Perhaps if they bothered to do their homework, they would know that.

Then again, if they had bothered to do their homework, they wouldn't be on the right in the first place.


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