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Friday, July 15, 2005

Polish farmers show the region how it's done in wake of EU accession

The Warsaw Business Journal:

Since Poland's accession to the EU, Polish farmers have enjoyed more profits than farmers from neighboring countries, and have maximized their use of EU subsidies. Exports have increased rapidly to not only the old member countries, where Polish goods are cheap, but also to Hungary, Slovakia and Czech Republic. "We are among those countries that from net importers became net exporters. The only sector where our results are negative is pork exports," said Wiesław Zapędowski, Deputy Agriculture Minister. According to all prognoses, Polish exports will continue to grow. The profitability of Polish agriculture increased by 8.2%, while in Hungary, for instance, it decreased by 14%. The EU Commission estimates that thanks to the common agricultural policy, by 2011 farmers' revenues in the 10 new member states will increase on average by 126%, but Polish farmers will profit most


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